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Name:Amaha Tsubasa ♒ 天羽翼
Birthdate:Feb 3

"In fact, I was afraid of loneliness anytime...."
☆ Mun: Keru ☆ [personal profile] digivicePlurk

Interests (76):

(insert silly words) machine, 6'1 high school student, always the student council, aquarius, astrology, astronomy, asusha, avoiding chalkboards, avoiding kazuki's fists, being a rebel, being a troublemaker, being freaking 6'1, blaming nuinui, blowing azusa's bangs up, calling nuinui old, dangerous chemicals forever, depleting the budget, derping, eisuke jii-chan, emoing all alone, everyone's favourite inventor, explosions, fireworks, flirting with secretary, forever a troublemaker, forgetting his own birthday, gay pajamas, glasses are protective goggles, gomenchai, having a weird name, having the messiest room, hayato aozora, ignoring the dress code, inventing horrible things, kazuki shiranui, laughing at mistakes, listening to music, living through lethal explosions, making lethal nabe, making stupid assumptions, making the best faces, manly pink ipod, not being collar dragged, not blowing things up, not taking the blame, nuhaha, nui nui sa, nuinui, ooshirou shirogane, pattsun, physical contact, purple is cool okay, rare working inventions, reverse mullet, robots, rockets, running away, secretary, secretly a kissing fiend, sleeping on the job, snow, snowball fights, somehow a water carrier, sorasora, sounding erotic on accident, starry homos, student council, the best nicknames, the nu rap, totally masculine okay, towering over azusa, tsubasa's invention idea corner, tsukiko yahisa, ununu, whining forever, winter
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